Unlocking The Capabilities Of CRISPR!

Europe's #1 Event For Addressing CRISPR's Application Challenges

There is no doubt about it, CRISPR is rapidly changing the way diseases are researched, and will soon revolutionize the way they are treated. However, challenges affecting the use of this technique is halting its overall progress and this summit is ready to address the key issues currently affecting CRISPR research.

Topics for debate will include all aspects of CRISPR, from the different techniques of delivering Cas9 to uncovering how to control the repair pathway. The summit will also be assessing the limitation of CRISPR technique and discover what key developments have allowed progress in understanding the unknown. Sessions on screening and bioinformatics will also be included to see how these tools have helped predict the outcome of the CRISPR/Cas9 system.

Whether you are already underway with using CRISPR in your research, or are considering implementing the technology, this conference is where you need to be in 2017!

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Key Challenges and Topics of Debate:

Uncover the key challenges in delivery of Cas9 through case studies and interactive discussion on trouble shooting the delivery systems, helping you plan your research to incorporate the right application strategy

Learn how to control the repair pathway after the Double Strand Break is made and understand how to overcome the challenges from this point

Assess the limitations of the CRISPR technique and discover what key developments have allowed progress into understanding the unknown

Learn about the screening and bioinformatic analysis and how this level of understanding will help improve and predict the outcome of the CRISPR/Cas9 system

Hear the different forms of research that have successfully used CRISPR, to show the potential of this technique as a therapeutic target and in a biotechnological setting

2017 Speaker Faculty:

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New for 2017


Hear from AstraZeneca and Novartis on the generation of precise genome editing in both cell lines and mouse models for drug discovery to determine both the opportunities and limitations in CRISPR generated research


Learn about the non traditional organisms, including zebrafish, that can be used as diseases models in CRISPR research, exploiting the advantages of developing next generation disease models with new out of the box thinking


Trouble shoot the delivery technique for the correct tissue application in interactive discussion sessions, in order to determine how different techniques have been utilised and explored


Hear how improved bioinformatics and screening capabilities are unlocking the full potential for CRISPR research and how both the academic and industry achievements are allowing further development of the technique


Understand the relevance of new patents and the IP landscape related to CRISPR with a presentation from leading patent attorney for CRISRP Catherine Coombes and determine what this means for the development of the technique in your research

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